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Human Intelligence Inspired
Human Intelligence Inspired

Interviews are the most important part of the candidate selection process. One mistake can cost you your dream job. Let’s see if you have made one of those not-well-known mistakes

TBS is right beside you on your journey to your dream job

You do not do your research

Make sure you do your research about the role and the company hiring manager I want to know that you are truly interested in the company missions and values

You talk in cliches

I am a very good team player
I am a leader at hard
I am good at solving problem
Sounds similars these disregards if you do not have evidence to back them up.

You avoid Eye contact

This implies that you either lack in conference or hide something. Make sure to look the interviewer in the eye and smile genuinely.

You don’t get your tong right

When in Rome do as the Romans.
Do not overplay or downplay your language. Reciprocate the hiring manager’s tones and body language.

You share personal details

Out of nervousness, you might start blabbing about your personal life. Keep in relevant and pay attention to the hiring manager’s reaction if they seem bored cut it short immediately.

You are unprepared for the salary question

Do not say it really doesn’t matter to me this will make you look naive or ungenuine.
Evaluate your skill and answer using a range.

Did you notice! you read 6 tips

Be active and confident in your Interview

Hope you got benefited

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