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Optimize your HR operations and empower your workforce management with our cutting-edge HR SaaS tool. Harness the power of advanced AI/ML algorithms, inspired by human intelligence, to drive efficient and data-driven decision-making processes.

Integrated with top leading applications.
How It Works.
From seamless recruitment to streamlined payroll management, our comprehensive solution empowers your team to drive efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and elevate workforce performance.

Human Resource Eco System

Effortlessly integrate and scale our solution to meet evolving HR needs. Connect with existing systems seamlessly.

Automated Tasking

Simplify any task with automated paperwork and personalized plans. Ensure a seamless and productive life cycle.

Improved Employee Engagement

Boost satisfaction with self-service portals and personalized development plans, empowering employee benefits and growth.

Exclusive Features.
Revolutionizes workforce management by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). With our intelligent solution, you can streamline job posting, optimize ads, automate onboarding, perform background checks, and streamline payroll management for a more efficient HR process.

Targeted Job Ad

Craft compelling job ads that resonate with your ideal candidates. Highlight key job features and benefits to attract the right talent.

Application Tracking System

Automate the extraction of candidate information from resumes, building a comprehensive and searchable database.

Attendance Managements System

Seamlessly track candidate progress and maintain communication with automated templates and real-time notifications.

global payroll services

Elevate your global workforce management with our integrated payroll services. Manage payroll processes across borders, ensuring accuracy and compliance

Empowering recruiters for greater success.
Enhance your hiring process with our HR tool. Identify the best channels and streamline candidate journeys. Track your team’s progress seamlessly and leverage powerful analytics for data-driven improvements in your recruitment pipeline. Optimize your efforts for maximum impact.
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Unlock successful hiring with our comprehensive suite of features and tools. AroundHR caters to all businesses, from startups to enterprises


$20.79/Per month & subscription yearly.
  • ATS
  • AMS
  • 1 admin


$50.79/Per month & subscription yearly.
  • Everything in Standard
  • 24/7 Support
  • 5 admin
  • Payroll Service


$80.79/Per month & subscription yearly.
  • Everything in Premium
  • Multiple Admin
  • Customize Dashboard
  • 2x Fasrter Speed
  • Integrated with AI/ML

GEMs are robotics algorithm for modules that built and optimized for NVIDIA AGX Data should underlie every business decision. Data should underlie every business Yet too often some very human cultural artifacts really lead the business down the certain routes.

Alison Burgas

Product Designer @Divi

Frequently Asked Questions
GEMs are robotics algorithm for modules that built and optimized for NVIDIA Jetson AGX platform. Data should underlie every business decision.
How job ads can help me

Posting job ads helps attract potential candidates to fill open positions within your company. We have premium partnership with top job boards. Your job posting is analyzed and posted on web to get the maximum relevant candidates in no time

Can I customize my dashboard

Yes we provide all possible customization for our customers

What is HR ecosystem

The HR (Human Resources) ecosystem refers to the interconnected network of tools, processes, technologies, and entities involved in managing various aspects of human resources within an organization

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